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Top Reasons to Watch Sumo Wrestling in Japan

Wresting can be confusing for the uninitiated. For professional wrestling fans, WWE may be the first thing that comes to mind. Amateur wrestling enthusiasts, on the other hand, talking about Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling may be the norm. To add to the confusion are the traditional or folk wrestling styles practiced in different countries around the world. From Turkey’s oil wrestling to Japan’s sumo, there are many interesting and exciting matches that await the curious and wrestling enthusiasts alike. Here are some of the top reasons to watch a Sumo wrestling match when in Japan.

Cultural experience
umo Wrestling in Japan
Tradition permeates the Japanese style of wrestling. Watching a sumo match is a cultural experience. Much of the rituals observed in the ancient days are still being observed today. Certain rituals are performed prior to the match and details like the canopy hanging above the match area or sumo ring is deeply rooted to its religious origins.

National sport
sumo hall
Sumo enjoys its share of avid followers in Japan. And matches can be fun and exciting, especially when you see the usually reticent Japanese people cheering enthusiastically and reacting like many other sports fans around the world – with a show of intense reactions and emotions.

Uniquely Japan
sumo wrestling
There is no better place to see and experience a traditional sport than in its home. Sumo is deeply-rooted in Japan. It is rare to see the real thing outside the country. And there are many other experiences attached to it that you will only come across in Japan. The opportunity to visit some of the sumo stables in the country to see the wrestlers who live and train there is one of the things that make the Japan sumo experience unique.

Fun way to spend time with the locals
Sumo Japan
Watching an unfamiliar sport for the first time is a fun experience. And doing it in the company of hundreds of local spectators makes it even more worthwhile. It is a great way to learn something about the sport and perhaps even connect with other spectators for the sheer pleasure of seeing an exciting match unfold.