November 9, 2016

Fit to Wrestle – Eating Habits for a Healthier You


Making that leap from a sedentary to a fairly active lifestyle may seem daunting, especially when proper nutrition comes in. Taking up a new hobby like wrestling requires nourishment that supports the physical demands of the sport. Getting fit enough to wrestle for fun does not have to mean eating like the top amateur or professional wrestling athletes. But building healthy eating habits would certainly help in the long run – in wrestling or other sports and in everyday life. Here are some of the many ways to eat healthy and delicious foods.

1. Cut back on fried foods. Some people pay more attention on taste than the method of cooking. And most times, pan fried or deep fried foods become part of everyday meals. There is something about fried foods that may be hard to resist. But too much of them is unhealthy. Cutting back on anything fried is a great way to improve your diet. Substitute your favorite fried meals with baked or grilled dishes.

2. Know your herbs and spices. One of the easy ways to eat healthy is through making use of fresh spices and herbs rather than powdered season ing loaded with additives. Fresh spices and herbs are obviously more natural and this gives them a big plus. They also have more powerful flavors as compared to powdered varieties that can be bought in stores.

3. Get the healthier options. Many of us love to treat ourselves to a serving of potato salad or macaroni and cheese but what we do not realize is we are causing doing damage to our body every time we do so. It helps much to replace potato salad or macaroni and cheese with yummy green salads that can be topped with cheeses or dressings to cut down on the calories.

4. Opt for complex carbohydrates. Another way of how to eat healthy is through replacing simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. Cakes, white breads, and white rice lack the nutritional value we need. We can replace them with complex carbohydrates like legumes, whole grains, and sweet potatoes. You can scour through the pages of your recipe books to turn these healthy carbohydrates into an explosion of flavors.

5. Choose lean meat. Eat meat in moderation and choose the leaner cuts. Rather than grilling hotdogs and burgers on weekends, indulge in nice, lean and juicy steaks. You can top these with baked potatoes and you already have a healthy and at the same time, delicious meal.

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